If you want an appraisal service, please click on "Appraisal Services" on the left hand column of the website.

If you have a general inquiry about what you are trying to sell, please use contact form below.

NOTE: We do not handle doll repairs. Please visit http://www.dolldoctorsassociation.com for repairs.

Want to sell your doll?

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An appraisal service is different from an offer to buy. We can handle both. If you would like to sell your doll(s), please email us general photos of the doll(s) with the price you are seeking and we will let you know within 24-48 hours if we are buyers and then we can set an appointment with you.

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If you would like an appraisal service for insurance, to determine fair market value, donation, or tax reasons, please see our appraisal page for more information.  Keep in mind a fair market value price is not what a dealer who needs to resell the item will pay. We make fair offers based on the fair market value.