Before you are swayed by this video, check out our blog below. You might have a change of mind about the Edison Talking Doll - because she is our new hero!

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Turn of the Century Antiques.

No Edison Talking Dolls were harmed in the production of this blog.

We hope we have cleared up some of those misconceptions about the Edison Talking Doll. As you can see, she is a multi-faceted individual and not just a one-trick pony, and not to mention, (a total badass!)

See? She brightens up everyone's day!

On Saturday nights, you can find the Edison Talking Doll sitting in with a local blues band down at Leroy's Cabaret. This girl can really shred!

And this is just the beginning of her busy weekend.

You go ahead girl, you are in full effect right now!

This girl is a modern day Ben HER!

Lookout belooooooooooow!

Among her favorite activities is bungee jumping. Here she is last weekend. I mean, seriously. How badass is this?

Besides, talk IS cheap - this doll backs it up with action...

Creepy Talking Doll? Talk Is Cheap, This Edison Talking Doll Is A Total Badass!

Thing about it is, we don't agree. The Edison Talking doll was so innovative at the time - she is still amazing TODAY, let alone in the few short weeks in 1890 when she was manufactured.  At a time when they were just coming out with recorded sound, a child could own a real talking doll? Not only is she educational tool and an important relic of our evolution, she is a complete and total badass today!

All over the internet, we have been seeing stories about how "creepy" the Edison talking doll is. If you haven't seen the video, here is one of the infamous videos going around the web.

Plus, she has a compassionate side - like feeding the homeless Chinese takeout. YUM!

That gator looks worried doesn't he? He should be! Edison Talking Doll isn't messing around!

Did you know she even auditioned for the lead role in "Swamp Dolls"?! She can wrestle a gator like a BOSS!

King of the Jungle?

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