Estate - If the intended use of your report is for Estate or Equitable Distribution purposes, the scope of the assignment expands to meet the particular need of the executor or bank trust department. If the estate is subject to federal estate tax, a detailed report will be required to establish the fair market value for each item. Estate appraisals subject to IRS scrutiny entail additional market research for significant items. These appraisals will list the documented sales prices of comparable items (e.g. researched sales at auction). These estate appraisals require more time and research and are billed by the hour or we can quote a fixed rate for the entire assignment.

Our Services & Rates

Insurance Reports - We have a starting rate of $150 for verbal or written estimates.  If the intended use of your report is for insurance purposes or is a high value item for donation and the item requires research and comparables, the cost is $150 for the first item. We would give you a package deal for several items.  We also charge by the hour at a rate of $150.00 for verbal estimates  if you would like an in-house consultation for many items without a written report.

Note: In the interest of conservation and our environment, if you choose to receive your report in electronic, pdf form ONLY, we will give you a $5 discount on the total cost of the report.

Most items fall within these pricing parameters; however, if your item is exceptional and there is any additional cost, we will inform you at the beginning of the appointment.

On-Site Consultation Services and Billing

All In Home Estate and Consultation assignments are billed by the hour at $150 per hour with a two hour minimum. If you like we can provide a fixed quote of your costs at the beginning of the assignment. A contract and retainer may be required and the bill is payable in full when the project is complete and at the time the report is delivered. The time is billed portal to portal.

Expert Witness assignments are billed by the hour at $250 per hour. A contract and retainer will be required.

Travel - All local assignments outside our office are billed at our hourly rate portal to portal. Please take this into consideration when requesting this service.

Out of town travel is billed at $750 for each travel day and a minimum of $600 for each workday. Travel expenses are billed to the client as well. A contract and non-refundable retainer of $500.00 is required for all out of town assignments. Please contact us to negotiate the details.

There are many instances when a professional appraisal becomes necessary.

Rachel Hoffman, ISA AM

If you want a top of the line appraisal by an industry professional that has been schooled on appraisal methodology, you have come to the right place. 

Rachel Hoffman has completed all education required by the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices as well as The International Society of Appraisers (ISA) core courses on the Appraisal of Personal Property. She remains in good standing with this prestigious society today

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Rachel Hoffman specializes in writing appraisals for purposes of estate distribution, donation, resale, insurance and personal information.

Specializing in dolls, toys, "pretty small things" and everything in between.

Feel free to request an appraisal below or call (303) 722-8700 to get started or email

Appraisal rates are detailed below.

Appraisal Services/Rates